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Agario the massively grown multiplayer action game

Agario the massively grown multiplayer action game

Agario is the one of the massively grown up multiplayer action game that is created by Matheus Valadares. In this game, the players can easily control a cell that is in a map which is representing the pertri dish. The main goal and aim of this game are that you have to swallow smaller cells as much as you can but you have to save yourself from getting swallowed by the bigger cells. Actually, the name Agario is taken from a bacterial substance whose name is agar.

The goals behind releasing this game are to create some positive critical reception, the critics, particularly praised for its great simplicity, mechanics and competition, while the criticism targeted directly for its repetitive gameplay. With the help of a wide network of social networking sites this game become one of the most famous and popular game of all time.

As it becomes the well known game the developers launched a downloadable stream version on 3rd May 2015. In addition, to this, the mobile version of the Agario for the Android and iOS got also released on 8th of July 2015 by the popular game developer company Miniclip.


Whenever you will play this game, the utmost objectives that you can see in the Agario game are that it grows by eating or swallowing cells, but the main thrill is that  you have to save yourself from getting swallowed by the bigger cells. You can see a wide variety of selection that is available in this game like you can play a Deathmatch or may  choose to play in the teams. Every player who plays this game set up a goal in mind to obtain the largest cell as much as possible. In addition, to this, in this game you can also change your cell’s appearance with some phrases, predefined words, skins or symbols.

If cells gain more mass than it will probably move slowly, but you have not to worry about that because cell gradually loses mass over time. The cells, which are actually virus split can easily larger them into many pieces and the smaller cells can also easily hide underneath a protection of various against the big cells. All of the viruses are normally and randomly generated, but players have a great choice and can easily make a new virus just by feeding another virus like or can be also by ejecting a small part of cell mass into the virus a few times, it directly causes the virus to split up and hence it directly results in the creation of other viruses.

In addition, to this, the players can also easily split their cells into two main forms and from that one of the two eventually divides cells and then get directly flung in the direction of the cursor. This can be simply used as a simple attack to swallow all other smaller size cells. In spite of feeding viruses, players can also eject or release a small amount of their mass to feed the other cells and as well as also eject mass sometimes to just trick out the enemies. Once an enemy cell gets close enough, the player can easily split out his or her cell to eat the actually baited enemy.

Agario is considered as one of the elegant, unique type game and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users just during the first week period.

Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potato in your country (Mix)

Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potato in your country (Mix)

1570 was the year when potatoes are actually brought from South America by Gold hungry conquistadors and the main aim of bringing these potatoes is to feed those hungry prisoners in Seville, Spain, to actually examine that potatoes would kill them or not. The prisoners were easily survived without any kind of major damage to their body. And as slowly time has passed approximately after two hundred years everyone has started planting potatoes.

The main reason behind planting these potatoes are that they are quite easy to grow. In addition to this, these potatoes can easily multiply itself into the robust cluster of some new fresh potatoes in almost 90 days. That simply means that growing potatoes are practical, rewarding and as well as a great fun way and especially when they are small in size.

How to prepare the Planting pieces?

Before planting the potatoes, first place the spuds that you actually want to plain in the warm, sunny spot. The warmth will definitely encourage the sprouting and as well as the exposure to the sunlight that makes the skins to terms more bitter and green. This easily makes them less appetizing to the critters.

Before one or two days before planting the potatoes just cut the sprouting green potatoes into the pieces which have at least three puckered eyes on every piece. Allow those cut pieces to dry one and don’t worry if they turned into black color. The leathery, darkened surfaces will actually resist the rooting much better as compared  to the freshly cut pieces, that you actually want to grow. Plant those potatoes that must be smaller than a golf ball.

Beds, Rows, or Hills?

If you are looking forward to growing potatoes that are bigger than the fist then you must need a good space between the plants that must be at least 14 inches apart. You can also wider space and can plant the potatoes in the hills with a set of 3 plants per 24 inch. Actually, the potato hills are those flattened mounds that are about 6 inches high. The hills are the elegant and the perfect way to grow the potatoes in smaller gardens. You can also grow the potatoes in the wide beds, too.

Pile on the Mulch

After planting the potatoes, the next another step you can do is that you can mulch them about 3 inches deep or can also opt them to let the soil warm under the sun for some few weeks before you actually pile on the mulch. Any biodegradable mulch can do, but using the deep straw or hay mulch is an effective way to grow potatoes faster.  Because they keep the soil  moist and cool while serving them as an obstacle course to the Colorado potato beetles and as well as from other insects. As you are harvesting, you must ensure to protect your all crop from the sun by just covering them with a thick cloth.

Perfect tips to be healthy and fit

Perfect tips to be healthy and fit

If you want to become a star in your life, then you have to do something that is strange from your daily routine. In recent years, people have majorly started to focus on overall health and fitness. Slimming products, diets and many different age regimens are now growing the health and wellness industry in a quite huge way.

Nowadays everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. It doesn’t matter how old you are because health is wealth. However, there are certain times when we ourselves damage our body or may be causing destruction to our body. Factors like excessive drinking of the alcoholic beverages, drugs intake and smoking the cigarette are some of the major contributors that make your health worse.

Even if you have an improper schedule of your meal, then also it affects your health in a great way. That is why it is always important to you to be always fully equipped with the knowledge and correct information on how to be healthy and fit.

Here are some of the awesome tips that you must know to be fit and healthy:

Sleep early:

Sleeping is one of the major drawbacks that many people face. Lack of sleep doesn’t only degrades your health but also causes the problem of early ageing. That is why it is so important to sleep at least from 8 to 10 hours in a day.

This will give your body and mind a proper interval to rest and recover the related injuries and fatigued.  In addition to this while sleeping your body also, build more muscle tissues that are the ones which are responsible for your added strength and power.

Eat a balanced diet:

Balanced diet is one of the major popular concepts that we have been reading for many years in our book. As its names define diet must be balanced if you want to become fit and healthy. Eating always comes to the most important part of becoming healthy.

Meat, fish, bread and veggies are some of the great examples of a balanced diet that you can consider. As well as you can also add a glass of juice and milk every day to your diet in the schedule to achieve the utmost results.


Eating and sleeping are the major aspects that we need for a good health, but exercise is also another important aspect that can’t be easily ignored. It is not necessary that you must go to gym classes every day because you can also be fit and health of your home.

You have to do is to just make an exercise schedule for your daily routine. You can try jogging, cycling or even push ups at your home as well as you can also consider yourself in playing sports like handball, basketball and football.

Routinely check-ups:

Have a  regular checkup is a necessary thing that you must follow because you don’t know what is going inside your body. Taking regular checkups will help you to determine and monitor your body’s overall health and fitness level.

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Akshardham Temple Ahmedabad

Akshardham Temple Ahmedabad

Swaminarayan Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat is one of the largest Hindu temple complexes that is being inspired by Shri Pramukh Swami, current head of the BAPS sense of Swaminarayan. The beautiful Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is perfectly located in the heart capital of Gujarat as well as this was built 13 years ago and is a wonder to Swaminarayan and his life and teaching philosophies. The beautiful Akshardham Mandir was actually built with more than 6,000 metric tons of the pink sandstone from the Rajasthan.

In addition, to this, the name of the complex also refers to the divine adobe of the Swaminarayan in the philosophy of BAPS. Almost every follower of Swaminarayan believes that the soul or give goes to the Akshardham after attaining Moksha (a Hindu word which means Heaven) or maybe to the liberation. Every Follower of Baps worships Shri Swaminarayan as a God almighty.

The Akshardham temple is one of the highest temples in India, it has overall 108 feet height, 131 feet wide, 240 feet long, 17 domes, 8 balconies, 220 stone beams, 264 sculpted figures and as well as 97 carved pillars. In addition, to this, the Vedic architectural principles explain that there has not been taken any use of iron and steel material in building the whole temple. You can also see here 20 foot long stone beams and each of them weighs around 5 tons, the main aim of creating this is to provide support to the Mandir. The temple’s central chamber houses a big seven  feet tall, gold leafed Swaminarayan Murti, who is actually worshiped by followers of God.

This multi rests upon a 3-foot pedestal and approximately weights around 1.2 tons. Akshrmukta Goplanand Swami and the Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami are both in a posture of loving devotion toward God Swaminarayan. In addition, to this, you can also see that at every corner of the Mandir sits a life sized marble Murti which is of main lineages of the successors or gurus of Swaminarayan. When you go to the first floor then you will able to find out a lotus shaped display, which describes the virtual character of Swaminarayan, the first floor is also known as the Vibhuti Mandapam, while the basement of the temple is known as the Parsadi Madapam which houses a beautiful historical display of wide sacred relics from God Swaminarayan life.

Construction and opening

The main foundation stone laying ceremony of the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple was actually conducted by Pramukh Swami on 14th December 1979 and as well as the foundation was completed in the year 1981. There are many skilled artisans who worked there to prepare the elegant stones that are actually used in the making of Akshardham Temple. The whole process consists of contouring, smoothing, polishing and as well as detailing. Smoothing mainly entails chiseling the hewn stone into quite very small pieces, contouring involves stenciling the bar designs into perfect stones and as well as to give best contours to the stones.

In addition, to this, the artisans also used chisels to easily detail the figurines and designs into the stone and then finally energy is used to polish and file the stone to make a perfect and smooth finish. While, the structure of the temple was itself completed in the year 1985, but the designs and concepts for the exhibition halls were developed over the coming 3 years and the main work on the colonnade and exhibitions began in the year 1988.

Major nearby location and transport facility

As this beautiful temple is located in the charming capital of Gujarat, there is a good availability of the transport facility to reach there. The very first and utmost common ways of transport is through the roadways as because this temple is almost linked with every major road and you can easily get there by using a public or your transport. In addition, you can also select the uses of buses for your journeys that offers attractive tour packages at a quite low price.

The next comes to convenient but a little expensive means of transport, but it is time-saving i.e, Airways is the fastest transport method that you can select if you want to reach their fast and as well as you are also looking forward to a convenient journey.
The nearest airport distance from the Ahmedabad to the Swaminarayan Temple is just 31 Km. And if you are looking forward to going through roadways, then you have to cross almost 29.8 Km from Ahmedabad to Akshardham Temple.

The  best part of this temple is that they offer their own bus services at a quite low price to visit the temple and discover the top nearby location. As Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is one of the best temple beauty itself, but in addition, to this, you can also see many top places that are around the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple like the Adalaj Timandir, Indroda Nature Park, Children’s Park, Alloa Hills resort and the golf course, Sarita Udhyan, or world complex, Puneet Van and as well as fun world.

These are some of the top nearby locations that you can visit the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, in addition to this, you can also visit the famous Capitol complex and the Vishal Bhai Patel Bhawan.

Coming to our last topic of staying in the city

If you have a quite long plan to stay in this wonderful city, then there is a lot of option availability that you can easily consider. The first and also  convenient is the IRCTC Retiring Rooms that is actually a service which is available from the Railway department at a very cheap rate that mostly charges for every 12 hours and later on you can also go for other options like lodges, guest houses and as well as hotels.

In addition, to this, you can also consider the facility of online booking from your home and can freely start your journey without any staying issue. So, if you see according to the convenience and spiritual beliefs the Akshardham Temple is the one of the best and elegant choices that you can easily make for an exotic travel experience.

Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi - History and Facts

Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi - History and Facts

Rashtrapati Bhavan is  considered as the official home of the president of India, which is located in the New Delhi, India. In addition, to this Rashtrapati Bhavan is also refers to the entire 130 hectares President Estate that mainly includes high gardens, large open spaces, residences of staff and guides, offices and as well as exotic utilities within the perimeter walls. 

The viceroy’s house is formerly known as the name of the main palace building. In addition, to this, it is the biggest resided in the head state in the world  until the Tukey Presidental Complex gets opened on 29th October 2014. There are many questions that you have in your mind like when was Rashtrapati Bhavan built? Who lives in Rashtrapati Bhavan? Postal address of Rashtrapati Bhavan? What are the Rashtrapati Bhavan visiting hours? Who built Rashtrapati Bhavan? What is the area of Rashtrapati Bhavan? How many rooms are there in Rashtrapati Bhavan?

So, to find out all these questions, answers, let’s take a look at the overall history of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

History of Rashtrapati Bhavan

The main reason for building this beautiful residence in Delhi is done for the British Viceroy and it was actually done when New Delhi had become the capital of India instead of Kolkata. Around 4,000 acres of land get used in building the construction of the Viceroy’s house because it was officially called and as well as adjacent Secretariat building that is between 1911 to 1916 by just relocating Malcha and Racine villages that actually existed there.

Edwin Landseer Lutyens was the main British architecture to whom the responsibility of building Rashtrapati Bhawan is given. The whole Governor General’s palace gets perfectly turned as exactly mentioned in the sketches which actually Lutyens sent from Shime on 14th June 1912. The design that is provided by the Lutyens is overall good looking classical one with wide collars and details that are actually inspired by many Indian architectures.

Baker and Lutyens who had been assigned to work in the Secretariats and as well as the Viceroy's house. It actually began with some friendly terms. Baker was acting signed to work on the two secretariat buildings that were exactly in the front of the Viceroy's house. The main plan was to set the Viceroy’s house on the top of the Racine Hill with putting the secretariats at the downside. Then, after considering all the facts, it was later decided to put it 400 yards back and also put the both buildings on the plateau.

But Lutyens wanted that Viceroy's house to be at the higher level. So he forced to move it back from the actually intended position, that resulted in a big dispute with the Baker. After this gets properly completed, Lutyens also argued with Baker as the front view of the building was obscured by some high angle of the roads. Lutyens also tried a campaigner for its fixing but was not able to get it changed. Actually, Lutyens wanted a big long inclined grade that back to all the way to the Viceroy's house with some retaining walls on both sides. 

Well, this will overall give the house a little further back and as well as it would also cut the square that is between the secretariat buildings. The committee that is set with the Lutyens and Baker are established in January 1914, that was to be said that the grade was not to steeper than 1 in 25 so that’s why it get changed to 1 in 22, with a steeper gradient that makes it quite more difficult to see the beautiful Viceroy’s palace.

While Lutyens exactly knew all about the gradient and upcoming possibilities with the Viceroy's palace that it will get absorbed by the road. Then, in the year 1916, the Imperial Delhi Committee directly dismissed the proposal of the Lutyens about the gradient. On 26 January 1950, Rajendra Prasad becomes the first president of India and occupied this whole building and renamed the Viceroy’s house as Rashtrapati Bhawan as mentioned in the information about the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Facts about the Rashtrapati Bhavan

The Marble Hall:

The beautiful Marble Hall has great majestic displays of some rare statues and portraits of the British royalty and Viceroys that you can see inside Rashtrapati Bhavan. But what actually stands among these all displays is the extremely lifelike statue of the current Indian President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, that was actually created by the Asansol based artists.

The Grand Darbar:

The exotic Grand Darbar lies under the large Dome, which is a beautiful iconic feature of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and can be easily visible from a very long distance. If you will exactly follow the link that is actually running through the center of the Darbar hall, then you will easily reach the India Gate, which is located in a straight line from the Durbar hall.

Gautama Buddha Statue:

As you go in the back of the Darbar Hall then you will see a statue of Gautama Buddha that belongs to the golden age of India’s art and history. The height at which the statue is actually placed is perfectly leveled with the height of India Gate.

The Mughals Gardens:

The Mughal Gardens are considered as the most visited part of the Delhi Rashtrapati Bhavan. As you can see many beautiful gardens in Kashmir and Agra likewise Mughal Gardens Rashtrapati Bhavan also has a great variety of flowers, especially the tulips. Dahlias and as well as beautiful giant roses in wide collars that mainly includes green, iris and rare but stunning grand lilies.

Nearby locations and major tourist information about the Rashtrapati Bhavan

As earlier discussed that the Rashtrapati Bhavan is located in the center capital of India. So, that’s why there are many ways to travel and quite easy to make convenience without any lag or issue.

The first and the most effective way of transport is the roadways which are linked by almost all the road transport facilities that are available to the public by the state government and as well as by many private travel agencies who offer many attractive tour packages for giving them the experience of the whole city. There is availability of lots of buses to reach to the New Delhi, you have to travel 17.4 km to actually reach to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Delhi is always considered as one of the top destinations whenever it comes to the travelling purpose. In addition, to this if see the railways, then there are an abundance of trains that passes through a Delhi railway station and also linked with almost every major city, a 14.9 km travel is  must that you have to make to reach the Rashtrapati Bhavan from the major railway stations of Delhi.

Airways is also a good choice if you are high in the budget, but it is time saving, you have to just make a travel from the Safdarjung Delhi airport of 24.6 Km to reach to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Delhi is considered one of the elegant destinations to travel through Airways. If you are travelling through Mumbai to Delhi then it may be 1148 Km by airways, 1347 Km of railways and 1429 Km by roadways. Airforce Museum, Bahai, temple, Buddha Jayanthi park, Birla Mandir, Dolls Museum, India gate and as well as there are many other things that you can see near the Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi.

Coming to our last topic of staying in the city

If you are looking forward to a long trip or you  may be just want to stay for a while in the city, then, there are a lot of options available for you. The first one is the IRCTC retiring rooms that are actually available by the railway department at a quite cheap rate that mainly charges you for every 12 hours.

In addition, to this, you can also easily consider the other sources  that include lodging, hotels and as well as the guest house. You can also easily book the railway resting room in advance by the online networking and can enjoy the elegant experience of Rashtrapati Bhavan with your family and friends.

Wood mantels for fireplaces

Wood mantels for fireplaces

A perfect fireplace with an awesome appropriate look, design and shape can easily become the center attraction of the living room or can be of the entire house. A fireplace can become a place where friends can gather around and where they can share interesting stories and funny things around. A fireplace can also become a romantic place where you and your loved ones can share feelings for each other. A fireplace brings the warmth and charming light to your house. A good and perfectly chosen model can easily turn it into the soul of everyone dwelling.

 A wide variety of fireplaces is easily available in the market which may a little bit confuse the customers. While selecting a fireplace apart it from the design and select the one which best suits your home’s architecture. Most of the homes didn’t have chimneys nowadays as compared to the old home's fireplace did. Prefabricated fireplaces are efficient fireplaces because they can run by gas or gel and can also be run through electricity, these fireplaces are safer, affordable and also very easy to install.

Besides these, they also do not raise any harmful gasses or pollution as the old one fireplaces did. If you have decided and already choosing a gas fireplaces then the next main step is to consider the appropriate fireplace mantel.  Wide varieties of fireplace mantels can be easily availed of the gas fire. To select and consider one first must check the material from which it is made of like marble, wood, stone and can be even ironed.

These are such a way designed that they can easily fit into any model either it can be of electric or may be or gas fire. Rustic design is also a good option for this you can select wood mantels for fireplaces. It will give a natural look to your house. The natural usage of home decoration elements brings a comfort and warmth because all these convey a good state of relaxation and freedom and also remove the depressed feeling of the oppression of the closed space.

Those people who live in the rustic home will definitely enjoy a more relaxed, free, creative, dynamic living style. It is a true fact that elements which are natural have a great strength to cast away the worries, remove tensions and also make us happier and more optimistic.These new types of gas fires have a great combination of design and technology, so it will be easier and simple to find what you are searching for. To find a better model which suits your modern lifestyle, you must do and discover the multiple and different gas fire offers.

The latest  models with some appealing designs which best fits and matches the room d├ęcor are almost upgraded every day, so even a short visit in the specialized stores can help you to choose the best. So it is up to you to select the one which one best suits to you these modern gas fires are innovative and modern so if you are interested in making a perfect acquisition then search for the right one which suits you.

Why Should You Hire Rap Whiteboard Video?

Why Should You Hire Rap Whiteboard Video?

Rap Whiteboard Video offers whiteboard animation and marketing videos with a very high quality for the success of your online business. We always strive to offer the best and innovative solution and as well as an honest advice at a quite reasonable price, Here is a list of some of the top services that are being offered by us.

Authentic & Unique Artwork

Our main goal is to discover accurate and original artwork from the world’s talented emerging artists. Whether you want an explainer video for a TV commercial, tutorial, presentation or sales letter, we are always looking forward to and will provide you 100% authentic & unique artwork. In addition, to this, your business is also quite safe from every copyright issue.

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee*

Your success is our satisfaction.  Get unlimited revision without any hassle. No questions asked till you’re happy. Unless you specially request and want a change in your order. We always do a work in a manner where you feel that your whiteboard video project is always risk-free.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery*

We understand the urgency of your business, So, we are always ready to provide you work as soon as you want. RAP WHITEBOARD Video offers  three types of plan. Normally we will deliver video within 7 days. But if you have urgency you can go with our premium (3 day delivery) or Pro (1 day delivery) plan.

No hidden prices. No big surprises

Our prices are very affordable, and guaranteed. There is no surprise or hidden fees. Unlike our competitors, we believe in transparency and clarity. Unless you specially request and changes in your order.

You Buy Directly From Us

You will buy directly from us means that there is no middle man, which directly result in a super quality at a quite lower price.

Scientifically Designed Videos

We have more than 5 years of experience and we have trained person who works closely with neuroscientists to constantly refine the viewers learning and brain engagement process. So, we can easily create the videos that will always keep your audience perfectly glued to the screen.

Script Writing That Converts

We will provide you top notch scripts and copyright as our team has these top skills which we have gained by doing a top notch work again and again.

25+ Voice Talent Professionals

We have the best voice all over the talent in the world. Our professional voice team has more than 25+ voices that are trained to forward your message exactly as your viewer wants it.

Your Ideas are protected

We are a reliable and trustworthy company that will always keep your ideas protected. With us, you can easily save your all information by just signing on an NDA.

Dedicated Project Managers

The one of the great benefits that you will get while working with us that we have RELIABLE and DEVOTED management system that will always give you update within the stipulated deadlines.

Grow Your Audience

The whiteboard animations are one of the incredible explanatory machines and are quite equally and exactly awesome to use in a perfect order, to simply grow brand awareness and as well as brand love to your audience.

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Choosing the Right Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2016

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2016

Email is by far the one of the most universal method of digital communication for the small business owners and also one of the easiest methods to get started with. The Dozens of email marketing platforms which are available in the market is quite a great deal for small business owners to expand their business and to leverage.

But finding the right platform is quite critical and typical. Selecting a good platform mainly depends on your specific business goals which you want to achieve. Are you looking for a network that provides you a specific service for creating and deploying emails for you? Or you are the person of doing it yourself kind of nature which is looking for the latest technology? These are both same which feeds to each kind of there need. It is known fact that different businesses have different email marketing needs and requirements.

By researching and reading dozens of reviews of the email marketing softwares which come up with those which be think that are one of the best varieties of the email marketing. Here is a list of some of the top picks and a little explanation about them.

Benchmark as the best email marketing software for the small businesses

The benchmark has almost everything which we need in an email marketing. It has a good combination of producing the professional looking emails. The most important  thing is that it is being easy to use whether you have not any prior experience with the designs or email marketing methods. Rather than a software which is stored in your computer, Benchmark is a SAAS (software as a service) that can be accessed by you online. You have to do nothing to install or download because it can be easily used with an internet connection from any computer. 

Why Benchmark?

Benchmark adds ease of use with some big variety of the design options to give the best value for the price. If it is compared to any other competitor, it is quite much easy to use and also extremely affordable. It lays out all necessary steps in a very natural and decent way that makes it simple and easy to understand.

GetResponse the best low cost email marketing software

When it comes to choosing the best value low cost email marketing option, then GetResponse is the best. GetResponse supports nearly of the features of the tools which are needed to run a successful email campaign and also provides some top notch customer services which are all comes up in an extremely low price. The pricing plan of the company is mainly based on the number of contacts where the emails are being sent to. In each plan the users can send unlimited number of the emails each month and can also access all of the features and tools which the software offers.

Why GetResponse

Get response adds ease of use and the rich design tools and the outstanding customer service at a very low cost that’s why it is more preferable from any other email marketing software.

SendinBlue the best E-Commerce email marketing software

What makes SendinBlue the most attractive option for the e-commerce business is that you can easily use it for all of your transactions, text message and marketing needs. The software mainly includes most of those tools which are needed to make professional looking Email marketing campaigns that are actually email blasts which you can send to numerous contacts at one time.

Why SendinBlue

SendinBlue offers e-commerce business the abilities to send a wide variety of types of the email marketing messages from just one platform to another.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

Having an app which allows you to scan documents and also convert them into the PDFs is always handy. It is much far better than taking pictures using your phone and also them sending them across, especially when you want to send the documents for some official purposes. These apps mainly use the phone’s camera to take the pictures of your document, edit, crop, create a PDF and then easily share them. These apps also provide the option of adding password protection, merging files, watermarks, etc. There are many apps which allow  you  to do this, but CamScanner is one of  the most popular favorable apps which provide you to do so.

User Interface:

In terms of the user interface, CamScanner is a step ahead and  It sports a minimalist look. On  the home screen, you will easily find all the tags on the left-hand side and all of your scans will be easily sorted according to them. You have many options to customize these tags. But basically before clicking  the picture of the image it will be categorized in the ungrounded category. On  the bottom side you will find some option to upgrade the app to the full version, the camera button options and also the options to delete, share, merge, change  the tag and add password protection to the app.

The extensive options of settings on the top right are actually three dots by clicking these you can easily access options like  the sync, settings, sort, view and cloud space as well as selecting a photo option also. This pretty cool feature covers the home screen. Overall the UI is quite simple and easy to navigate while even when you are clicking pictures, sharing or  also editing documents that you have actually created. The only niggle is that the icons do not  have a perfect descriptor while some are obvious to understand, you have to actually try others to know actually for  what they are meant for.

Features and Performance:

To scan a document you have to first select the tag like a note and then you have to click on the camera icon. You can also option for system camera or can simply use the camera layout  of the provided app, which provides you many decent options like flash, focus,  grid and even allows you  to easily determine the original size of the image. You will find the settings  to switch the system camera in scan settings options. However, if you go for the option for the system camera then you can’t  easily use the batch to scan feature. After clicking the image by yourself, the next step is to do crop it.

Editing your document is quite an easy next step it  provides you with the editing options with the help of this you can easily enhance the scan quality, adjust the brightness, contrast and also rotates the picture as required. This app also offers you built-in modes like original,  high enhance, low enhance, Gray and also  B& W document. Once you are done  with all this tweaking  the next settings you can click on the right mark is to save the image. Actually, by default, it won’t  automatically save the image directly into your system gallery so to do this you have to first activate this option from your system gallery.

On the new screen, you will see your document which is actually scanned nowhere you can name the document whatever  you want and then create a PDF and share this document easily. Furthermore, clicking on the dots of three bars will also bring  you options  to actually set up  the PDF page orientation, margins, page size and also sets the passwords and tags. Clicking on the PDF icon will actually create the PDF. You can now open the PDF with the help of adobe reader or any other PDF opener app.  Here again, if you click on the top bar then it will bring several options for editing like adding notes, adding text, highlight, signature, etc. If you will now click on the share option then you will find many limited options. To access the whole list of the share options, then simply click on the picture and then open it as full screen.

Apart from these like the email clients and messaging application you can also  upload  all the documents to the cloud clients. In the full-screen mode many other options you will see like resize, rotation and the option to add watermark and as well as an annotation. It also comes up with a very useful OCR option. At the first time, you have to download the OCR client. Whenever you click on the OCR then it will scan all the text from other documents which will make it more searchable. This will actually come in handy if  you haven’t categorized or named  your documents properly and can also then when you have too many of them. You can also choose a picture from album to scan it

Why CamScanner is Better than a Photo?

CamScanner offers many advantages over the standard photos of documents like:

Useful photography tools  which help to control the phone’s camera flash and also a digital levelling tool that actually helps to identify whether your phone is perpendicular, flat or  above the scanned document.

Scanned images got already edited and don't require no further process. Built in tools, rotate, trim and also enhance the scan to deliver a ready to use the image.

The scanned document image quality is surprisingly very good and also the contrast enhancements can be also easily flash plus by the the automated smartphone, which is actually applied to capture the images and which will later retain in high end readability even when it is in critical challenging conditions.

Scanned documents can be easily converted to the multi-page PDFs and which are easier  to browse than a hard set of  independent images. You have also enough space in the hard memory card which is in your smartphone and since the trimmed PDFs takes very much low space as compared to the high-resolution images.

Apple TV

Apple TV

TV is a big and most important part of our lives. We gather together around our big screens to watch the hit movies and events. Yet, somehow  the overall experience of watching TV has continued to stagnate. Nowadays it’s all starts by recognizing that apps are the bright future of the television. Finding your next film to watch can sometimes much frustrating. Clicking countless buttons on the remote as you try to navigate cluttered screens. The new Apple TV almost changes all that. See the best entertainment options clearly before you laid out. It is an awesome experience which is designed to make you feel and give you more interactive views directly on your screen, even though on any side of the room. Will Apple’s endeavors into the strange waters of the television industry lead to success?


You may definitely find this Apple TV to be a superb piece of the latest trend with that technology that you ever wished to have. The new Apple TV is an elegant piece of tech with the latest and super fast features. It is definitely in arguably one of the best and remarkable smart televisions if we talked about design. Apple has designed  this television to give a clean design that brings your content to real life. As it is always Apple designs screen to let the content be a hero and also uses of parallax makes film posters to visually come alive while also clearly showing where  you are on the screen. You will definitely feel that you directly interact with a TV screen and get never separated from it.


The top most appealing part of the new Apple TV is its attractive display. With a perfect resolution of recording video of 640x480pixels, frames per second and also simple profile with AAC-LC audio which is in .m4v, .mp4 and also .mov file formats. The screen has a much sharper display if compared to any other latest brands. The new Apple TV has availability of numerous features to choose from. The new Apple’s TV display is crystal clear which gives the high-end user viewing experience with the perfect and best quality.


An A8 chip with 64-bit architecture processor Apple new TV will definitely give you high-end user speed that you ever wanted to see. Apple’s almost all products are awesome because they focus hard on the quality to provide their customers the utmost best. Apple new TV  is powered by many ports and interfaces like HDMI 1.4, 802.11 AC, WIFI  with MIMO, 10/100BASE - T Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, IR receiver, USB-C for support and service and also the most important Built in the power supply.

There are many more exotic features that you can easily get in new Apple’s TV.  The Apple TV, Remote is also  compiled with many high-end performances like  Bluetooth  4.0 with wireless technology, IR  transmitter, Accelerometer and gyroscope, lightning connector for perfect charging and also rechargeable  battery which provides months of  battery life on just single charging with typical daily usage, that  will definitely result in you to enjoy more high-end experiences with no charging worries.

Ease of use:

Apple has considered the ease of use to almost its all products. The  simplicity which they put in their device with a high user end view is awesome and also liked by every customer. There are a variety of accessibility features that will definitely help you to get the most out of from this new Apple TV. If you are blind, deaf, have low vision or hard of hearing, then also you haven’t to worry because you can easily find and enjoy your favorite entertainment shows. The new Apple TV  is designed with fully built-in assistive technologies which allow people with disabilities to watch and enjoy the full experience that they ever wanted. These powerful and yet also easy to  accessibility help you spend less time while adjusting to your TV and give you extra time to enjoying more things.

Apps and Games:

Apple’s selection of apps always plays a decisive and a key  role in its selection   and the success of the products. Bigger games on bigger screens.  With the incredible home cinema song, the App Store on the new Apple TV will definitely redefine your living room. Beyond many amazing games that  you can easily  expect complete with some new experiences made it specifically for the living room. You can almost  imagine anything from booking travel accommodations to enjoying a family game night on your television.

You will get many amazing games like Manticore Rising, Rayman adventures, Shadowmatic and the Transistor and many more. The amazing thing is that the same remote that you mainly use to watch television can also be easily used to conquer alien planets or drive in the Indy 500. That is because the Apple TV remote doubles as a perfect dynamic game controller with the touch surface acting as a directional virtual pad. It also has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope. And in this case, the action gets double and can say too excitedly. A Remote Loop is also there which is sold separately to keep your remote tethered while playing games.

Final Thoughts: Should You  Buy It?

Apple has been always on the top side whenever it comes to give a perfect and an awesome  quality. Apple never compromises with the quality. So if you are  looking forward to buying a high-tech TV with awesome interactive and attractive feature then you must go on with this, but if you are low on budget and want good, but at a low price, then you must consider ones to check other products with the same quality it depends on your taste. But however, when we are talking about a brand product then Apple products can’t be easily  ignored as because of the awesome functions and features that  they input in their products and if you are looking forward to  buying an awesome tech with an edge in design then this product will not ever disappoint you.