Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Welcome to the future

Surprise windows 10 is coming home

Oh my goodness what a surprise for all those peoples who are waiting for windows 9. This is a huge surprise for all those peoples who were creating logos of windows 9 and thinking what the new features of windows 9 have like many other windows which Microsoft launches windows 10 has many latest features then ever before so i wish you all will enjoy windows 10 and have fun with that new OS.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Coming up android L

Now the new version of android coming up whose name is L. It is more advanced then android kitkat and jellybean and it consist many of new upgraded things. The android developer is launching it soon I think all of us are excited to see this new version as we all know that all of version of android are awesomeand wonderfull. But we have to see that this version can fullfill our wants and can give us fun which all of android versions give to us .

Sunday, 7 September 2014

How to increase ram on your android.

To increase ram on your smartphone first you have to root it. To root your smartphone you have to read my old posts about rooting. After rooting you can easily increase ram of your smartphone. To increase ram of your smartphone you have to follow these simple steps.

1. first root your smartphone and download ram it expander or swapit from play store and install it.

2. After installing any one of them then click swap.

3. After clicking on swap click on swap no to 10 and set swap value how much you want to increase your ram.

4. But remember your card have enough space for swap file after doing all this your phone will run more faster and better then before.

I hope you will enjoy it. Tell me about all of your problems about your smartphone. I will solve them for you. Please leave comments and like my blogs and stay updated to my blog and please subscribe it.

How to overclock and underclock android smartphone.

Hello friends today i am going to show you that how to overclock or underclock your android smartphone. To do this you have to follow this steps.

1. The first step is that you have to download rom manager app from google playstore and then you have to install it.

2. Then open recovery mode on your smartphone.

3. To open recovery mode on your smartphone you have to press volume down+home key+power button then click on flash custom rom.

4. You can download custom rom from any website. Then installing custom rom you have to open rom manager and then you can easily overclock and underclock your processor.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

How to root your android smartphone

So you want to root your smartphone and want to play heavy games like temple run, fifa 9 and many more which do not run on your low end smartphone. I will show how to root your smartphone. Here are the steps which you have to follow. 

1. Download shuame.exe and install it on your pc.
2.Connect data cable to your pc and smartphone.
3.Now at the end of the app there is a option where you find a button exist whose name is root.
4.Now click on root and your smartphone will be rooted.

To run heavy games you have to also install chainfire 3d. To run chainfire correctly you have to correct the settings and reduce texture quality only. Now i hope you will enjoy the games and like my blog.

Rooting of smartphones

The benefits of rooting your smartphones

You all guys heard about rooting of a smartphone. And also many of you thinking about that how to root the smartphone and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it.So today i will tell you all about android rooting advantages and disadvantages of it.There are many advantages and many disadvantages of it i will tell all about this by one by one but first you all have to know what is rooting of smartphone.

Rooting is a way to access all the applications of your smartphones or can say all the access to control a smartphone.Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of rooting.

There are many advantages of rooting.The number one advantage of rooting is you will gain all the access to your smartphone and can also install apps which run only on rooted phones. And you can also play heavy games like temple run,grand theft auto vice city,sanandreas and many other games like god of war,fifa9 and subway surfers.To play all of these heavy games you only need a rooted smartphone and some more apps which required rooting access to run. By combining all of these you can play games easily and more efficently without any lagging on your low edge smartphone.

As there are many of advantages likewise there are also many of disadvantages. The number one disadvantage is that when you are rooting your smartphone you are breaking the warranty of your device. And sometimes you are rooting your smartphone you cant get success and when you cant get success then it will lead to many problems like wifi not working bluetooth not working or display blank and many more problems like battery will run only for short time. And sometimes your phone get dead. So i suggest you to do rooting by your own risk.

Friday, 5 September 2014

A simple way to understand technology

What do you think what is technology. Technology is a kind of advancement of gadgets or we can say development of machines and gadgets. As we all know that today in our living how far is technology. All this is because of science because by the use and understanding the concept of science we have develop this far technology. Likewise if these our rockets jets or plans or our brand new smartphones. Likewise by use of smartphones we only talk but when technology start increased we can talk and we can also run the internet and can do lot of things by use of the mobile phones friends from where all things are come these all things are come through the technology.