Saturday, 6 September 2014

Rooting of smartphones

The benefits of rooting your smartphones

You all guys heard about rooting of a smartphone. And also many of you thinking about that how to root the smartphone and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it.So today i will tell you all about android rooting advantages and disadvantages of it.There are many advantages and many disadvantages of it i will tell all about this by one by one but first you all have to know what is rooting of smartphone.

Rooting is a way to access all the applications of your smartphones or can say all the access to control a smartphone.Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of rooting.

There are many advantages of rooting.The number one advantage of rooting is you will gain all the access to your smartphone and can also install apps which run only on rooted phones. And you can also play heavy games like temple run,grand theft auto vice city,sanandreas and many other games like god of war,fifa9 and subway surfers.To play all of these heavy games you only need a rooted smartphone and some more apps which required rooting access to run. By combining all of these you can play games easily and more efficently without any lagging on your low edge smartphone.

As there are many of advantages likewise there are also many of disadvantages. The number one disadvantage is that when you are rooting your smartphone you are breaking the warranty of your device. And sometimes you are rooting your smartphone you cant get success and when you cant get success then it will lead to many problems like wifi not working bluetooth not working or display blank and many more problems like battery will run only for short time. And sometimes your phone get dead. So i suggest you to do rooting by your own risk.

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