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10 best way to keep your body inshape

                                          10 best ways to keep your body in shape

 As we all know that now a days how much physical fitness is required in our daily routine. A Physical fit person attracts more peoples than an unfit person. A physically fit person have more strength, power and stamina. He can do any work with full effeciency and effectiveness faster than an unfit person. He can also be easily selected in interviews or any other fields rather than an unfit person. So nowadays everyone wants a good physical body. Which is fully free from any types of dieseases, fat and obesity. So today I will tell you 10 best ways to keep your body in shape.

  1. Running- Running is the best way to keep our body fit and fine. Running removes extra fat and obesity from our body and it also improves our cardio muscles and lesses the chances of heart diseases. It also improves our stamina. In a daily routine 30 minutes running is sufficient.

2.     Skipping rope- Skpping has also so much benefits like running has. Doing daily 15 minutes skipping is sufficient for our body. It also improves our cardio muscles and decreases unwnated fat from our body.

3.     Cycling- Cycling is a best exercise for us and for our environment. It is an eco friendly vehicle. Doing regular cycling improves our lung capacity and it also removes unwanted fat from body.It can be easily used for shorter intervals.

4.     Swimming- Swimming is a good exercise for us. It builds cardiovascular fitness and improves our endurance. Swimming gives us a flexible body. It can be done by any age group. Those who know swimming can save his or other people lifes.

5.     Dancing- Dancing is also a great exercise. Dancing allows to move our whole body. It builds stamina and cures heart problems. It also allows us to show our dancing talent to others. In an average day 20 minutes dancing is sufficient.

These are some excercises which can build our physical fitness level. Now I tell you some precautions which have to be follow by us for a good physical and a healthy body.

6.     Avoid junk food- Junk food is the main key which build fat in our body. Junk food contains so much calories but they do not contain nutrients. Which results in obesity and many of heart problems . So avoid junk food.

7.     Avoid Alcohol- There are many disadvantages a alcohol contains like it is harmful for our liver wastes are money and time and causes many of serious problems like kidney failure. It impacts so much on our health it decreases our pysical fitness level. Those who daily consumes alcohol get their life in a big danger. So please get away from this bad habit.

8.     Avoid smoking- Just like alcohol smoking is very injurious to health. It also leads to many health problems but the biggest problem which leads by smoking is lung cancer. Smoking also decreases our physical health and stamina. So please avoid smoking.

9.     Proper sleeping- Proper sleeping is also a key factor for a good health. Those people who sleeps at proper time and also stands at proper time have a good physique. In am average day we have to sleep for 8 hours.

10.                         Good eating habits- If we want to be physically and mentally fit be have to change our food habits. We have to eat the food which is high in protein and nutrients. Eating good food shapes our body well. So always eat a healthy diet for a better living.

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