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Auto glass repair process

                                        Auto glass repair process

The windshield of a vehicle is considered as an important element for the safety of a driver. As you compare the safety measures windshield of a vehicle always come to the top. You can’t substitute a windshield to any other safety measures. Driving a vehicle without a proper windshield is very injurious to your health and life. So all you have to need a windshield which is in a better condition. If your windshield is cracked or broken, then quickly repair it. Auto glass replacement is also a preventive steps done for your own safety. You  have to always repair your vehicle’s windshield either it have a small or big damage. The small damages of a windshield can be fulfilled in lower costs but a big damage in the windshield of a vehicle results in replacement, it can’t be repaired. The small damages of a windshield are done by the chip repair method, they are done when your windshield is hit by any small particles like stone or it can be any ball. But if there is a bigger damage on the windshield than it will be done with the help of the crack repair method. In crack repair method if there are one or two cracks in the windshield than it can easily repairs, but if the cracks are huge then they have to replace the windshield.

 Types of windshield replacements available in the market

1. The Dealership: This is a windshield which can be purchased from any of authorized automobile dealership vehicle manufacturer company. This glass comes from the original brand which designed your windshield originally. It also contains the stamp of the vehicle making company. If you own a high class car like Bmw of Mercedes then I will prefer you to go to your dealer.

2. OEM: These glasses can be defined as same as the dealer glass, but there is little changes in it like we have seen that dealer glass provides windshields which are of the same manufacturing company, but OEM provides windshields which can be of any company, but the color, size and durability is like the original one. The OEM distributor contracts with many companies. They always change their contractors. They never hire only one contractor. Because it results in the upgradation of quality. By some of these features customers prefer is a little bit more than others. Because the price and quality are quite affordable and adjustable.

3. Aftermarket: aftermarket glass windshields can be of any companies. They never do a contract with any of the car manufacturers. The aftermarket glasses can’t make the windshields as same as the OEM distributors because of various licensing and copyright laws. But the main feature of Aftermarket glass is that it provides you the windshields which are cheaper than OEM and other glasses. It also provides you a different quality than other glasses. Many of the customers do not prefer aftermarket glasses due to its quality. It provides a quality which is less than OEM and others.

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