Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Journey of DriveU

With DriveU ( Presently derivable from the Android Playstore), With this holder of private vehicles, inquire for a driver in few clicks. You formerly have to set your position and time, the app appoints a driver for you. You can also trace the position of driver in actual time. The fares of DriveU start at 89 per hour. Once you’ve entered the station, stop the ride and fee within the app. You can deliver your ratings and feedback to the app.

DriveU is initiated by Ramprasad Shastry, Ashok Shastri and Amuleet Singh Chadha. The founders of DriveU come from the environment of purchase and selling of companies. The CEO Rahm Shastry is one of the early lender in TFS (Taxi For Sure). When TFS was purchased by Ola for 200 million dollars. Rahm Shastry’s sons Ashok Shastry (COO, DriveU) originated a thought of providing valet services to the customers.

But the plan doesn’t succeed, So they shortly sheer to the current model of DriveU. DriveU’s third initiator Amuleet Singh Chadha ( CPO, DriveU), soon decided to join them after a convention over coffee with Ashok. Rahm, who soon decided to become the Chief Executive of DriveU.

Need for DriveU
DriveU can be needed at any time. It can be used at anytime like, when you have an important presentation at the meeting and you want to save your ride-time to finish the work or can also be used to drop your kids to school. DriveU has set of 50 Drivers which are first screened and then there background verification process, and then after they are trained by experts. The main intention of the team for DriveU is to give a same kind of service to the customer that they would get with a private driver.

DriveU’s Benefits

Apart from driving a car and taking care of your parking burden, the driver can also give some add on services like refueled, and washing the car and can also check the air pressure on tyres and alike from this he can also get the brake oil changed for you. To get the use of DriveU you have to simply install it from playstore and you have to tell some small information about yourself to take the use of the app. So what are you waiting for enjoy and take a ride with DriveU. It’s safe and secure and give a full joyment ride to you. It saves your time, money and is a fully trusted company. 

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