Saturday, 8 August 2015

How Indian Startup smartvizx is using Virtual reality in real estate and product design

Virtual reality is from the one of the best things which people talked in a same breath like sci-fi and landing it on the moon which will definitely test the frontiers of your imagination. If you love Mario kart and star wars and have ever run a Wii controller or Xbox console, then you can probably know how much real can gaming feel. Virtual reality is being associated with the entertainment industry.

As a recent report of the Wired Magazine describes that Rift’s sleeker beta version is a big hit of the last month’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles and it is all set to revolutionize the entertainment company in the 2016. But it is not a game’s, headset or even the magic of virtual reality technology. It is the magic of transformative, amazing application of the virtual reality technology in many fields, which diverse the travel, education, real estate and healthcare.

Virtual reality consists a potential which can improve user experience and can by the transforming it into a vivid it can also make the uninspiring content easier to understand. The early mover of the area is a start up company which is known as SmartVizx which is founded by the architects Tito and Gautam Tewari. They began by using of Virtual reality technology in a reality product design.

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