Saturday, 8 August 2015

How minerals are Extracted From Earth

                How minerals are Extracted From Earth

Minerals are compounds which are inorganic such as ores like copper and precious stone like gold and diamonds. The minerals give you a more attractive and exotic personality. Many people of various cultures wear gold jewelry on a daily basis and some carry it in a significant meaning. Today the price of a gold necklace prices are rising higher and as the fraud cases of duplicate content is also increasing in the market.

It is very difficult to purchase a gold necklace from a trusted shop. The fashion of wearing a personalized name necklace is so popular, many of peoples draw their name on their necklace to get it more attractive. If you want to purchase a cheap name necklace, then you can purchase from many sites, but the pjwellery is the one of the trusted sites in the world. There are several different ways by which can extract mineral from the earth, but the two main processes of mineral mining are surface mining and subsurface mining.

Surface Mining: Surface mining is a process which is like his name. In this process the minerals are removed, which are near the earth’s surface because the ore deposits are located there. When the ore deposits are in a very large quantity, then open pit mining is utilized. A huge, open pit is created as machines started to scrape off on the earth. If machines find that this is not ore then it, set it to a side.

This waste material is called overburden, and as this overburden material is scraped off, then it is pulled off into the spoil banks. After the process of overburden is cleared from the ore, then the process of explosives gets started, these explosives are used to break up the material of the ore that is being furnished from the ground, which is after sometime taken away for refund. In strip mining the long, narrow strips are dug out instead of creating one large pit in the ground.

Subsurface Mining: Some of the minerals are found very deep in the Earth’s surface. Sometimes hundreds or thousand feet deep. To dig out these minerals from the surface, subsurface mining process is used. In the process of subsurface mining, a long tunnel is created either vertically or horizontally. The tunnel walls are reinforced with ventilation shafts and woods, which are created to give air to the underground miners. Then minerals are removed by different of ways. The best way is to blast the material and then send it to the core pieces up to the surface in the carts.

The other method is longwall mining, in this coal is collected from the wall and sheared on a conveyor belt, like a potato peeler shears away the layers of whole potato. This is a very efficient and effective process of extracting coal from an underground mine. Another great method is solution mining, which is when the hot water is injected into the air to circulate in it. Once the process of dissolution of the ore is completed, then it is pumped into it, and it’s bubbled comes up to the surface.