Saturday, 8 August 2015

Internet security

                                        Internet security

As you know that how much safety is important and essential for our life. Likewise the cyber safety is very important to our computer. Internet safety is critical, but yet not difficult. Cyber security, defense can be done by various methods. Here are some steps you can do to stay safe.

Take use of a firewall: A firewall is a  piece of hardware or software that sits between your network and computer and it's only pass the necessary  types of data to cross. For example. A firewall may allow to check the email and browsing the web but it doesn't allow the things like windows file sharing. If your computer, internet connection is from a router then you already have a type of hardware firewall that secure your computer from random external networking based threats which are trying to reach into your computer. If you’re using another type of connection like dial up connection, then a firewall is not so much important, although it doesn’t hurt your computer.

 Scan for viruses: Sometimes you would not able to know that virus are entering into your computer. They can typically be entered via email or other means. If viruses are able to cross the firewall, then they will easily end up your computer anyway. So the solution of this problem is the a virus scanner or an anti virus, they will remove and locate them from your hard drive. A real antivirus scanner will easily notice them as the virus enters into your computer, even before they attack the disk. So it’s recommended for your computer safety that your computer has a good virus scanner installed.

Scan for spyware: Spyware and viruses are similar but the spy can be relatively benign from a full safety prospectus, as it might only spy on you. But that is enough. It can easily violate your privacy by tracking the websites that you have ever visited, and it can also steal your account login information for any online service you might be using. Some of the spyware redirects you to other web pages like to try and sell you something. But the good news is that, like virus scanners, there are spyware scanners also available that will locate and remove the spyware.

Stay up to date: Stay up to date is also an important function to prevent your computer from viruses and spyware. Always enable the automatic update options in both application and windows. It will automatically kills viruses and removes spyware. Some of the user disables this option which gives a way to the viruses and spyware to easily enter into your computer and which finally results in the internal damage of the computer.

Educate yourself: If you aware about these viruses and spyware you can easily safe your computer from these threats. Own safety is the best safety rather than depending on other softwares, so remember always open files which you know, don’t install softwares without scanning them, be aware about the scams never share your account information to others.

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