Saturday, 8 August 2015

Types of Dog collars

                                Types of Dog collars

If you are a dog lover then the collars and the leash is one of the most important thing which you need. Dog collars are required for many purposes like for fashion prospectus or giving training to your dog. There are many of dog collars, but selecting one is up to you. You have to select the one which perfectly fits your dog.  Dogedcollars is one of the best site which provides you a variety of choice to select the dog collars. But before purchasing a dog collar it is necessary for you to provide a bit information about your dog, like your dog is of which breed, medical background and size and structure of the dog. Then after you can easily buy the collar which one best suits your dog. But there are different types of collars, and the options can be deluging, so let’s take a look at some of the dog collars.

1.  Simple Leash and collar: If you’re dog don’t have any issue with a walk, then this can be a great tool for you. It allows to you to keep your dog balanced safely at your side and out of any harm’s way. This would be a great collar for your dog for a better easygoing without any of obedience problems. But always remember whenever you are walking with your dog, it can be at your side or behind you. This is necessary to capture your position in the pack.

2.  Slip Collar: If your dog has an issue with the walk, then this one is for your dog, this would be a great deal for correcting misbehaviors of your dogs. If your dogs easily get distracted by other dogs, squirrels or with just a guest of wind, this collar makes a quick correction to get your dog back on the road.

3.  Pack Leader Collar: The main function of the pack leader collar is to keep the slip collar at the top of the neck of the dog, because it is the most sensitive part of a dog. If you’ve encountered any problem with then the pack leader collar is the ultimate solution for this.

4.  Harness: The harness would be a great tool if you want to pull you by the dog, like if you want your dog pull you when driving a motorbike or when using roller skates. Harness has many of benefits like it also cures dogs breathing problems and throat problems such as Pomeranians and cures the neck problem of the dog. This collar is mainly designed for the health purpose of the dog.

5.  Visibility:  If you want to be buy a collar with a safety purpose, then it will be for you, it provide a light which reflectors in the night and can be easily seen by anyone, which results in the less chances of the accidents.  The bright light color is mainly designed for the safety purpose for the dog. This collar is a solar powered collar and can be easily charged up with the USB cable, and it also comes up with two lightning options, flashing led light, or a steady light. 

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