Saturday, 16 April 2016

How to correct iPad memory full problem?

The iPad is one of the most popular devices which comes with a wide variety of functions and features. This exotic functions and features of iPad allow users to do almost everything that they actually want. But the problem arises when you receive some notifications that you never wanted like that storage is full and you have not sufficient space to install more files. You quickly checked in settings, general and usage and you see there is only 0 MB free and now you are searching for a solution what to do. Don’t worry, this is one of the most irritating conditions that many of iPad users face.  Just follow the below steps to get quickly rid of this problem.

 Use your iOS device or iTunes to check what exactly is using up your storage space

If you have exceeded your average storage plan, then news, videos, and photos won't be getting saved to your iPad device. In addition, to this, you are also not able to receive messages with the help of your cloud email address. To check what is using your iPad device storage just follow these below simple steps to get a quick answer.

Use your iOS device to check storage

Tap on the setting, then general and the iCoud usage and click on the manage storage option.

Then you will able to see a list of the apps and as well as the total space that each of one is using. Tap on the app to get more detailed usage.

It depends on the app that you are able to delete its some content or not. If your iPad device is full and you're getting full storage alert, then you must remove some less used content on your iPad.

 Use iTunes to check the total storage 

First, open the iTunes on your PC or laptop. Then, connect it to your device.

In the iTunes just select your iPad device. You will easily able to see a bar where it shows that how much total storage your iOS content actually uses. It is simply divided by the content type.

Just hover your mouse on a content type, like Apps or other to find a relevant information about storage.

Free up your iPad with iMYfone uMate

Free up more than tons of iOS device space with the help of iMyfone umate. iMyfone Umate is the world’s number one iPhone cleaner to free up space on your iOS device. iMyfone Umate is a reliable, lightweight tool which allows you to easily enhance your iOS device’s optimum performance by just simply removing the unnecessary files.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer

 Step 2: Scan the iOS device for a complete analysis of space saving

 Step 3: Simply clean up your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

 iMyfone D-Back is one of the most popular and ideal software to free space on your iOS devices. It can also help you to free up different types of file that also includes popular third party messenger apps history from the iPad/iPhone/iPod etc.


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