Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Why you need it for your Galaxy Wonder ?

Samsung Galaxy Wonder runs on Snapdragon chipset cpu with Adreno Graphic Processing Unit. And sometimes after you downloaded large amount of data, you can't play the game! Either the you are having graphic colour distortion or the game exit before you can play anything.


There are games designed just for THD devices with Nvidia GPU. Trust me, it's not the GPU fault because   adreno somehow are quite powerful. With this app you can even play THD games just by selecting its plugin.

Where to download?

FREE from market aka play store. Just search for Chainfire3d. I'm using the free version for couple of months. Pro version is more unstable and dont blame me if your device got bricked using that. My friends Sgs2 got black screen when trying the pro version.

After download CF3D, what should I do?

Open the app and choose install.

There will be a warning and just ignore it. Dont read it if you got small level of courage.

Your phone will go black screen for few seconds and reboot itself.

How To install plugin?

1)Download the plugins :
Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  |  UFile

2)Extract it and put the files in your phone's Internal USB/Storage

3) Open the Chainfire app and select "install plugins" and click on all of them

4) Re-open Chainfire and go to "Default OpenGL Settings" and select "Use plugin" with the plugin you need

5) DONE!!


1) Use Qualcomm or Nvidia plugin as default ...recomendded Qualcomm plugin

2)Use PowerVR plugin for any games or application that need high graphic peformance and better resolution...(per-App OpenGL Settings)

3) Don't us PowerVR plugin as default plugin ,if not your GPU will take some damage.


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