Wednesday, 27 June 2018

30 Top Free Android Apps That You Need to Have on Your Device

30 Top Free Android Apps That You Need to Have on Your Device

Here is a list of top 30 best apps of android which your smartphone must have.

Avast Antivirus and Security: While the Google’s built in protection is sufficient enough for many of Android devices but for not all. Avast Antivirus and security is a powerful app for those users who want full comprehensive cover, then you can easily trust this app.

Greenify: Greenify is one of the best and highest battery saving app if compared to battery saving. Greenify easily sits in the background and helps to regulate that how much battery different apps are using and quickly freezes the apps which you tell it to and also when you are not using them.

Clean Master: Clean Master is the mop and the bucket which you need to scrub your phone or tablet clean. It's junk file cleaning features, scan your whole device and checks out the unwanted choice and the residual files. 

Tasker: If you really wish to tinker with the Android then the Tasker is a brilliant and effective way of automating much of the functions which you normally do manually.

Opera Max: Opera Max is the one of the best app which saves a lot of data by just crunching down the size of images and the videos and also speeds up website load time.

Pocket: Pocket allows you to save videos and articles to read and watch later across any of the pockets enable device. It is a perfect app for the Tube journeys, flights and long train trips.

Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is the king of the android customization and is easily the one of the best known custom launchers. Nova helps you to rebuild your home screen, gesture controls, and app drivers.

Spotify: Spotify is one of the best apps which goes up against the likes of the Google play music, Pandora, last FM, sound cloud and even the YouTube in the battle of bringing good music to your ears.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular and highly installed in the world. As far as when the features of this app go none of the third party options can even come easily to close this official app.

Whatsapp: Another highly installed and essential app for every android smartphone. If you are not using WhatsApp then how are you communicating? Because Whatsapp is ubiquitous like the Facebook and also the one of the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

Facebook Messenger: It is of course where the Facebook goes, a Facebook messenger is also soon to follow. If you want to enjoy a perfect chat on Facebook then you must have to install the Facebook messenger app.

Wikipedia beta: Live your life on the informational cutting edge with the Wikipedia Beta. If you want to get all information in one place, then you must have to install this app.

Es file Explorer: Es File Explorer is the one of the best undisputed kings of almost all of the file manager. If you spent time in downloading files, images, and managing music, then you must have to install this app.

Dropbox: This app lets you help to expand all your internal storage into a cloud based backup of almost everything that’s important for you.

Instagram: If you live through imagery rather than text then the Instagram app is for you. Easily follow celebrities and your friends to easily see the whole world through someone else’s eyes.

Pushbullet: Pushback is one of the best app which means that you will never miss a notification again. Pushbullet can easily and directly shows the notification into your computer screen.

QuickPic: Quick pic is a nice clean and gentle gallery app that foregrounds the images and it also has plenty of sorting options that are also connected to the cloud interface.

Google Keep: Google Keep is actually the android version of the post Its on steroids. Anytime and anywhere when you have something quick to record just simply set reminders.

Feedly: If you want to keep up to date with the endless stream of the news in the world of the Android and also beyond them the Feedly app is definitely for you.

Helium: Helium is that one of the best app which must have at all and rod smartphones. Recover your lost data, just simply connect your device to PC and use the Helium for a quick backup.

Fenix for Twitter: Fenix for Twitter features a slick material design interface which is fully customizable and also an incredibly responsive.

Snowball: By the help of snowball the notifications are easily handled in the separate drop down the tray and in this you can easily cycle between many different networks.

Timeshop: Timeshop brings out all the forgotten memories. Plugging into Instagram, twitter, Facebook and the foursquare gives a good slice of your past life.

Vine: This app lets you browse the other peoples creations of the courses, but crucially, it helps and lets you create your own 6 second wonders.

Google Pay Books: Google pay book reader packs in the features where almost other app lacks. You can easily read on your tablet when at home just picks your smartphone and start reading when out and about.

Overdrive: OverDrive is that best app which lets you borrow the Audiobooks and ebooks without even leaving the house and the best feature is there are no late fees as because the titles are returned automatically.

Feedly: Feedly is the best app which is an incredibly easy to find new websites, share content and also save and read articles online.

Imgur: Imgur is the perfect procrastination tool with the card based interface feature the images are easily put front and in the center for you to just flick through.

Doggcatcher: Doggcatcher solves critical problems for you. It does not only recommend a well known host podcasting heavy hitters, but also a massively customizable app which will check in on your feeds throughout the day and also download them.

Periscope: Easily watch the live streams of the people, which are broadcasting live from their smartphones. Search by locations, individuals which you follow or may be just the most popular streamers in the world right now.

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