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5:2 Diet- A Complete Guide

5:2 Diet- A Complete Guide

Are you searching for any diet which reduce your fat as well as also allows you to eat food. The 5:2 diet is the latest diet in the diet market. Those people  who can’t keep away their hands from the flavors of snacks are perfect to take 5:2 diet. It sound’s something unique, well please read this post to know more about it.

What is 5:2 Diet?

The main diet schedule which you have to follow in this diet is that you can eat the food which you want to eat but only for the first five days, and in the last two days you have to send your body into the starvation mode. As it is known fact that fasting has there as ritual. The weight loss strategy come to track when the medical science started out a serious problem. In the year 1940 many types of tests were done to search out the main effects and benefits of fasting.

The 5:2 diet gained a big boost up in the year 2013 when the new twist developed for the fasting. The dieting community of UK proposed many advantages of intermittent fast and the great ways in which it can work as a major weight loss wonder. In this time period the people were told to eat whatever they want to eat and they can still lose weight with the 5:2 diet.

When it was started?

The 5:2 diet program took a momentum when it was first broadcasted into BBC news channel program  in the year 2012 in the horizon episode which stated that eat fast and live longer. According to the doctor on the panel and the Michael Mosley, the journalist of the BBC headquarters came up with this 5:2 diet and showed it as a genuine revolution. The fast diet book also followed this program in the year January 2013. When this book is published by Mosley and Kate Harrison, who was a farmer of the BBC journalist later came up with their own version of this same book the different title of the 5:2 diet book, but the principles of these two books are quite similar but some recommendations are varied slightly.

How does this diet work?

This diet is quite simple, but hence too much effective. The 5:2 became popular in a very short time. The main principle which this diet allows to his users are, you can eat whatever you want for five days and then for the last two days you have to control your eating. The main experts which are the former of this diet mainly recommend to the dieters to consume the number of calories which you want and in the last two days eat only 25% of the food from your regular consumption.

The experts recommend 500 calorie diet for the women and 600 calorie diet for the men in the last remaining two days. So if we calculate the average number of calories which a man and women can eat in an average day is around 2000 to 2200 calories, which you have to eat in the average five days. You can eat what you like, whatever you want, it is your choice, there are no restrictions for the food to eat. Results showed that in around 1 week women could lose around one lbs and men also can lose the same as women have or can be little more.


The 5:2 diet is quite a great way to lose your weight, you can lose your weight and look slim and fit. Only you have to do is follow this diet.

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