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Agario the massively grown multiplayer action game

Agario the massively grown multiplayer action game

Agario is the one of the massively grown up multiplayer action game that is created by Matheus Valadares. In this game, the players can easily control a cell that is in a map which is representing the pertri dish. The main goal and aim of this game are that you have to swallow smaller cells as much as you can but you have to save yourself from getting swallowed by the bigger cells. Actually, the name Agario is taken from a bacterial substance whose name is agar.

The goals behind releasing this game are to create some positive critical reception, the critics, particularly praised for its great simplicity, mechanics and competition, while the criticism targeted directly for its repetitive gameplay. With the help of a wide network of social networking sites this game become one of the most famous and popular game of all time.

As it becomes the well known game the developers launched a downloadable stream version on 3rd May 2015. In addition, to this, the mobile version of the Agario for the Android and iOS got also released on 8th of July 2015 by the popular game developer company Miniclip.


Whenever you will play this game, the utmost objectives that you can see in the Agario game are that it grows by eating or swallowing cells, but the main thrill is that  you have to save yourself from getting swallowed by the bigger cells. You can see a wide variety of selection that is available in this game like you can play a Deathmatch or may  choose to play in the teams. Every player who plays this game set up a goal in mind to obtain the largest cell as much as possible. In addition, to this, in this game you can also change your cell’s appearance with some phrases, predefined words, skins or symbols.

If cells gain more mass than it will probably move slowly, but you have not to worry about that because cell gradually loses mass over time. The cells, which are actually virus split can easily larger them into many pieces and the smaller cells can also easily hide underneath a protection of various against the big cells. All of the viruses are normally and randomly generated, but players have a great choice and can easily make a new virus just by feeding another virus like or can be also by ejecting a small part of cell mass into the virus a few times, it directly causes the virus to split up and hence it directly results in the creation of other viruses.

In addition, to this, the players can also easily split their cells into two main forms and from that one of the two eventually divides cells and then get directly flung in the direction of the cursor. This can be simply used as a simple attack to swallow all other smaller size cells. In spite of feeding viruses, players can also eject or release a small amount of their mass to feed the other cells and as well as also eject mass sometimes to just trick out the enemies. Once an enemy cell gets close enough, the player can easily split out his or her cell to eat the actually baited enemy.

Agario is considered as one of the elegant, unique type game and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users just during the first week period.

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