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Akshardham Temple Ahmedabad

Akshardham Temple Ahmedabad

Swaminarayan Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat is one of the largest Hindu temple complexes that is being inspired by Shri Pramukh Swami, current head of the BAPS sense of Swaminarayan. The beautiful Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is perfectly located in the heart capital of Gujarat as well as this was built 13 years ago and is a wonder to Swaminarayan and his life and teaching philosophies. The beautiful Akshardham Mandir was actually built with more than 6,000 metric tons of the pink sandstone from the Rajasthan.

In addition, to this, the name of the complex also refers to the divine adobe of the Swaminarayan in the philosophy of BAPS. Almost every follower of Swaminarayan believes that the soul or give goes to the Akshardham after attaining Moksha (a Hindu word which means Heaven) or maybe to the liberation. Every Follower of Baps worships Shri Swaminarayan as a God almighty.

The Akshardham temple is one of the highest temples in India, it has overall 108 feet height, 131 feet wide, 240 feet long, 17 domes, 8 balconies, 220 stone beams, 264 sculpted figures and as well as 97 carved pillars. In addition, to this, the Vedic architectural principles explain that there has not been taken any use of iron and steel material in building the whole temple. You can also see here 20 foot long stone beams and each of them weighs around 5 tons, the main aim of creating this is to provide support to the Mandir. The temple’s central chamber houses a big seven  feet tall, gold leafed Swaminarayan Murti, who is actually worshiped by followers of God.

This multi rests upon a 3-foot pedestal and approximately weights around 1.2 tons. Akshrmukta Goplanand Swami and the Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami are both in a posture of loving devotion toward God Swaminarayan. In addition, to this, you can also see that at every corner of the Mandir sits a life sized marble Murti which is of main lineages of the successors or gurus of Swaminarayan. When you go to the first floor then you will able to find out a lotus shaped display, which describes the virtual character of Swaminarayan, the first floor is also known as the Vibhuti Mandapam, while the basement of the temple is known as the Parsadi Madapam which houses a beautiful historical display of wide sacred relics from God Swaminarayan life.

Construction and opening

The main foundation stone laying ceremony of the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple was actually conducted by Pramukh Swami on 14th December 1979 and as well as the foundation was completed in the year 1981. There are many skilled artisans who worked there to prepare the elegant stones that are actually used in the making of Akshardham Temple. The whole process consists of contouring, smoothing, polishing and as well as detailing. Smoothing mainly entails chiseling the hewn stone into quite very small pieces, contouring involves stenciling the bar designs into perfect stones and as well as to give best contours to the stones.

In addition, to this, the artisans also used chisels to easily detail the figurines and designs into the stone and then finally energy is used to polish and file the stone to make a perfect and smooth finish. While, the structure of the temple was itself completed in the year 1985, but the designs and concepts for the exhibition halls were developed over the coming 3 years and the main work on the colonnade and exhibitions began in the year 1988.

Major nearby location and transport facility

As this beautiful temple is located in the charming capital of Gujarat, there is a good availability of the transport facility to reach there. The very first and utmost common ways of transport is through the roadways as because this temple is almost linked with every major road and you can easily get there by using a public or your transport. In addition, you can also select the uses of buses for your journeys that offers attractive tour packages at a quite low price.

The next comes to convenient but a little expensive means of transport, but it is time-saving i.e, Airways is the fastest transport method that you can select if you want to reach their fast and as well as you are also looking forward to a convenient journey.
The nearest airport distance from the Ahmedabad to the Swaminarayan Temple is just 31 Km. And if you are looking forward to going through roadways, then you have to cross almost 29.8 Km from Ahmedabad to Akshardham Temple.

The  best part of this temple is that they offer their own bus services at a quite low price to visit the temple and discover the top nearby location. As Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is one of the best temple beauty itself, but in addition, to this, you can also see many top places that are around the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple like the Adalaj Timandir, Indroda Nature Park, Children’s Park, Alloa Hills resort and the golf course, Sarita Udhyan, or world complex, Puneet Van and as well as fun world.

These are some of the top nearby locations that you can visit the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, in addition to this, you can also visit the famous Capitol complex and the Vishal Bhai Patel Bhawan.

Coming to our last topic of staying in the city

If you have a quite long plan to stay in this wonderful city, then there is a lot of option availability that you can easily consider. The first and also  convenient is the IRCTC Retiring Rooms that is actually a service which is available from the Railway department at a very cheap rate that mostly charges for every 12 hours and later on you can also go for other options like lodges, guest houses and as well as hotels.

In addition, to this, you can also consider the facility of online booking from your home and can freely start your journey without any staying issue. So, if you see according to the convenience and spiritual beliefs the Akshardham Temple is the one of the best and elegant choices that you can easily make for an exotic travel experience.