Wednesday, 27 June 2018



Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the leading operating system brands that can’t be easily ignored. Selecting from these two is quite typical and difficult t task. Android is actually a partly open source which is similar to the PC and runs with the help of  the Linux Operating system. Android is a step ahead from iOS if compare to easy customization and the basic operating features.

But the uniform design of iOS easily eliminates Android many times and it is also being seen as more user friendly than the Android. Here are some of the features of these both popular operating systems that can help you to select the best. Let’s take a look and see which is the utmost best operating system.


Android and iOS both use the touch interfaces which have a lot in common tapping, swiping and the pinch and zoom feature. Both these operating system boots to a single home screen which is more similar to a computer operating system. While iOS home screen has only rows of app icons, but if compared to Android then it also allows the use of widgets which helps to display the auto-updating information such as email and weather.

Apps Availability

Android has current availability of 600,000 apps which can be easily downloaded through the Google Play store. The Apple app store has now 700,000 apps available and from that 250,000 is only available to the iPad. Most of the developers prefer to develop apps for iOS instead of the Android.

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