Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Apple TV

Apple TV

TV is a big and most important part of our lives. We gather together around our big screens to watch the hit movies and events. Yet, somehow  the overall experience of watching TV has continued to stagnate. Nowadays it’s all starts by recognizing that apps are the bright future of the television. Finding your next film to watch can sometimes much frustrating. Clicking countless buttons on the remote as you try to navigate cluttered screens. The new Apple TV almost changes all that. See the best entertainment options clearly before you laid out. It is an awesome experience which is designed to make you feel and give you more interactive views directly on your screen, even though on any side of the room. Will Apple’s endeavors into the strange waters of the television industry lead to success?


You may definitely find this Apple TV to be a superb piece of the latest trend with that technology that you ever wished to have. The new Apple TV is an elegant piece of tech with the latest and super fast features. It is definitely in arguably one of the best and remarkable smart televisions if we talked about design. Apple has designed  this television to give a clean design that brings your content to real life. As it is always Apple designs screen to let the content be a hero and also uses of parallax makes film posters to visually come alive while also clearly showing where  you are on the screen. You will definitely feel that you directly interact with a TV screen and get never separated from it.


The top most appealing part of the new Apple TV is its attractive display. With a perfect resolution of recording video of 640x480pixels, frames per second and also simple profile with AAC-LC audio which is in .m4v, .mp4 and also .mov file formats. The screen has a much sharper display if compared to any other latest brands. The new Apple TV has availability of numerous features to choose from. The new Apple’s TV display is crystal clear which gives the high-end user viewing experience with the perfect and best quality.


An A8 chip with 64-bit architecture processor Apple new TV will definitely give you high-end user speed that you ever wanted to see. Apple’s almost all products are awesome because they focus hard on the quality to provide their customers the utmost best. Apple new TV  is powered by many ports and interfaces like HDMI 1.4, 802.11 AC, WIFI  with MIMO, 10/100BASE - T Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, IR receiver, USB-C for support and service and also the most important Built in the power supply.

There are many more exotic features that you can easily get in new Apple’s TV.  The Apple TV, Remote is also  compiled with many high-end performances like  Bluetooth  4.0 with wireless technology, IR  transmitter, Accelerometer and gyroscope, lightning connector for perfect charging and also rechargeable  battery which provides months of  battery life on just single charging with typical daily usage, that  will definitely result in you to enjoy more high-end experiences with no charging worries.

Ease of use:

Apple has considered the ease of use to almost its all products. The  simplicity which they put in their device with a high user end view is awesome and also liked by every customer. There are a variety of accessibility features that will definitely help you to get the most out of from this new Apple TV. If you are blind, deaf, have low vision or hard of hearing, then also you haven’t to worry because you can easily find and enjoy your favorite entertainment shows. The new Apple TV  is designed with fully built-in assistive technologies which allow people with disabilities to watch and enjoy the full experience that they ever wanted. These powerful and yet also easy to  accessibility help you spend less time while adjusting to your TV and give you extra time to enjoying more things.

Apps and Games:

Apple’s selection of apps always plays a decisive and a key  role in its selection   and the success of the products. Bigger games on bigger screens.  With the incredible home cinema song, the App Store on the new Apple TV will definitely redefine your living room. Beyond many amazing games that  you can easily  expect complete with some new experiences made it specifically for the living room. You can almost  imagine anything from booking travel accommodations to enjoying a family game night on your television.

You will get many amazing games like Manticore Rising, Rayman adventures, Shadowmatic and the Transistor and many more. The amazing thing is that the same remote that you mainly use to watch television can also be easily used to conquer alien planets or drive in the Indy 500. That is because the Apple TV remote doubles as a perfect dynamic game controller with the touch surface acting as a directional virtual pad. It also has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope. And in this case, the action gets double and can say too excitedly. A Remote Loop is also there which is sold separately to keep your remote tethered while playing games.

Final Thoughts: Should You  Buy It?

Apple has been always on the top side whenever it comes to give a perfect and an awesome  quality. Apple never compromises with the quality. So if you are  looking forward to buying a high-tech TV with awesome interactive and attractive feature then you must go on with this, but if you are low on budget and want good, but at a low price, then you must consider ones to check other products with the same quality it depends on your taste. But however, when we are talking about a brand product then Apple products can’t be easily  ignored as because of the awesome functions and features that  they input in their products and if you are looking forward to  buying an awesome tech with an edge in design then this product will not ever disappoint you.

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