Wednesday, 27 June 2018

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

Having an app which allows you to scan documents and also convert them into the PDFs is always handy. It is much far better than taking pictures using your phone and also them sending them across, especially when you want to send the documents for some official purposes. These apps mainly use the phone’s camera to take the pictures of your document, edit, crop, create a PDF and then easily share them. These apps also provide the option of adding password protection, merging files, watermarks, etc. There are many apps which allow  you  to do this, but CamScanner is one of  the most popular favorable apps which provide you to do so.

User Interface:

In terms of the user interface, CamScanner is a step ahead and  It sports a minimalist look. On  the home screen, you will easily find all the tags on the left-hand side and all of your scans will be easily sorted according to them. You have many options to customize these tags. But basically before clicking  the picture of the image it will be categorized in the ungrounded category. On  the bottom side you will find some option to upgrade the app to the full version, the camera button options and also the options to delete, share, merge, change  the tag and add password protection to the app.

The extensive options of settings on the top right are actually three dots by clicking these you can easily access options like  the sync, settings, sort, view and cloud space as well as selecting a photo option also. This pretty cool feature covers the home screen. Overall the UI is quite simple and easy to navigate while even when you are clicking pictures, sharing or  also editing documents that you have actually created. The only niggle is that the icons do not  have a perfect descriptor while some are obvious to understand, you have to actually try others to know actually for  what they are meant for.

Features and Performance:

To scan a document you have to first select the tag like a note and then you have to click on the camera icon. You can also option for system camera or can simply use the camera layout  of the provided app, which provides you many decent options like flash, focus,  grid and even allows you  to easily determine the original size of the image. You will find the settings  to switch the system camera in scan settings options. However, if you go for the option for the system camera then you can’t  easily use the batch to scan feature. After clicking the image by yourself, the next step is to do crop it.

Editing your document is quite an easy next step it  provides you with the editing options with the help of this you can easily enhance the scan quality, adjust the brightness, contrast and also rotates the picture as required. This app also offers you built-in modes like original,  high enhance, low enhance, Gray and also  B& W document. Once you are done  with all this tweaking  the next settings you can click on the right mark is to save the image. Actually, by default, it won’t  automatically save the image directly into your system gallery so to do this you have to first activate this option from your system gallery.

On the new screen, you will see your document which is actually scanned nowhere you can name the document whatever  you want and then create a PDF and share this document easily. Furthermore, clicking on the dots of three bars will also bring  you options  to actually set up  the PDF page orientation, margins, page size and also sets the passwords and tags. Clicking on the PDF icon will actually create the PDF. You can now open the PDF with the help of adobe reader or any other PDF opener app.  Here again, if you click on the top bar then it will bring several options for editing like adding notes, adding text, highlight, signature, etc. If you will now click on the share option then you will find many limited options. To access the whole list of the share options, then simply click on the picture and then open it as full screen.

Apart from these like the email clients and messaging application you can also  upload  all the documents to the cloud clients. In the full-screen mode many other options you will see like resize, rotation and the option to add watermark and as well as an annotation. It also comes up with a very useful OCR option. At the first time, you have to download the OCR client. Whenever you click on the OCR then it will scan all the text from other documents which will make it more searchable. This will actually come in handy if  you haven’t categorized or named  your documents properly and can also then when you have too many of them. You can also choose a picture from album to scan it

Why CamScanner is Better than a Photo?

CamScanner offers many advantages over the standard photos of documents like:

Useful photography tools  which help to control the phone’s camera flash and also a digital levelling tool that actually helps to identify whether your phone is perpendicular, flat or  above the scanned document.

Scanned images got already edited and don't require no further process. Built in tools, rotate, trim and also enhance the scan to deliver a ready to use the image.

The scanned document image quality is surprisingly very good and also the contrast enhancements can be also easily flash plus by the the automated smartphone, which is actually applied to capture the images and which will later retain in high end readability even when it is in critical challenging conditions.

Scanned documents can be easily converted to the multi-page PDFs and which are easier  to browse than a hard set of  independent images. You have also enough space in the hard memory card which is in your smartphone and since the trimmed PDFs takes very much low space as compared to the high-resolution images.