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Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potato in your country (Mix)

Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potato in your country (Mix)

1570 was the year when potatoes are actually brought from South America by Gold hungry conquistadors and the main aim of bringing these potatoes is to feed those hungry prisoners in Seville, Spain, to actually examine that potatoes would kill them or not. The prisoners were easily survived without any kind of major damage to their body. And as slowly time has passed approximately after two hundred years everyone has started planting potatoes.

The main reason behind planting these potatoes are that they are quite easy to grow. In addition to this, these potatoes can easily multiply itself into the robust cluster of some new fresh potatoes in almost 90 days. That simply means that growing potatoes are practical, rewarding and as well as a great fun way and especially when they are small in size.

How to prepare the Planting pieces?

Before planting the potatoes, first place the spuds that you actually want to plain in the warm, sunny spot. The warmth will definitely encourage the sprouting and as well as the exposure to the sunlight that makes the skins to terms more bitter and green. This easily makes them less appetizing to the critters.

Before one or two days before planting the potatoes just cut the sprouting green potatoes into the pieces which have at least three puckered eyes on every piece. Allow those cut pieces to dry one and don’t worry if they turned into black color. The leathery, darkened surfaces will actually resist the rooting much better as compared  to the freshly cut pieces, that you actually want to grow. Plant those potatoes that must be smaller than a golf ball.

Beds, Rows, or Hills?

If you are looking forward to growing potatoes that are bigger than the fist then you must need a good space between the plants that must be at least 14 inches apart. You can also wider space and can plant the potatoes in the hills with a set of 3 plants per 24 inch. Actually, the potato hills are those flattened mounds that are about 6 inches high. The hills are the elegant and the perfect way to grow the potatoes in smaller gardens. You can also grow the potatoes in the wide beds, too.

Pile on the Mulch

After planting the potatoes, the next another step you can do is that you can mulch them about 3 inches deep or can also opt them to let the soil warm under the sun for some few weeks before you actually pile on the mulch. Any biodegradable mulch can do, but using the deep straw or hay mulch is an effective way to grow potatoes faster.  Because they keep the soil  moist and cool while serving them as an obstacle course to the Colorado potato beetles and as well as from other insects. As you are harvesting, you must ensure to protect your all crop from the sun by just covering them with a thick cloth.

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